We are passionate about providing the best tools to help you start your child's journey in coding. Basic coding skills can be learnt from the age of 3 years old; you are never too old to learn. Why is coding so important you may ask?

1) Coding is a new language for your child. 

Learning languages teaches children how to communicate and enhances their logical thinking. Language strengthens both verbal and written skills.  It helps if children are exposed to different languages at an early age. It assists them to understand the world around them better. Coding is a unique language.  Can you think of a better way for your child to understand why and how the technology around them operates than by learning to code and communicating with technology.

2) Coding promotes your child’s creativity.  

Your child learns by experimenting and this helps strengthen their brains. They don’t have to be perfect from day one and making mistakes strengthens the learning process. Would you like to encourage your child’s creativity? 

3) Coding will assist your child with their maths skills.   

Coding helps children to visualize abstract concepts, which in turn encourages them to apply maths to situations they will encounter in the real world. It makes maths fun and creative for your child. Many Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) programs include coding as a core concept.

4)  Coding will enhance your child’s academic performance in writing.  

Coding helps your child to  understand how to plan and organize thoughts.  This can lead to improved writing skills that can be built upon as their coding skills develop.

5) Coding helps your child become a confident problem solver.  

Coding will teach your child that there is never usually only one way to solve a problem. It assists with lateral thinking and problem solving. They will build on what they have already learnt without worrying about failing. Coding is a basic form of literacy in the digital age. It is important for your child to understand and be able to work with and understand the technology that fills the world around them.

Giving your child the ability to learn coding at a young age will prepare them for the future.  What better way to encourage their skills in communication, creativity, maths, writing and boost their confidence.