Maths Cards for Qobo
Maths Cards for Qobo
Maths Cards for Qobo
Maths Cards for Qobo
Maths Cards for Qobo

Maths Cards for Qobo

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30 PUZZLE SETS : (20) for numbers 0-9; (7) for a sign + - >< =; (1) for number 10+,(1) for image Start,(1) for image end. A numbered piece and an image piece illustrate the corresponding number.

EXPAND: Help your child learn to count numbers from 1-20 in a fun and memorable way!

TEACH and DEVELOP: Basic mathematics skills taught using engaging colours and pictures to help your child develop problem-solving and language skills at an early age.

PROVIDE FUN: Our puzzle will give your child hours of fun and learning, occupying their mind with critical thinking and enjoyment.

Combined with Qobo: Kindly note these maths card do not include Qobo; please purchase it separately.

Maths cards are transcribed into Braille so the perfect introduction to maths for visually impaired children.

To stimulate students' interest in learning mathematics, to adapt to the intellectual characteristics of children of different ages, and to enlighten their thinking ability.

Help your child develop problem-solving skills at an early age
Provides a creative ways for any child to learn. By fostering a fun learning environment, children adapt easier to education and enjoy putting their minds to work. This is a great way to learn while playing. Help your child expand their mathematical skills in a fun and memorable way!

With our Puzzle Math Cards, we hope to positively influence the learning experience of both you and your child through hands-on activities that entice, excite, and educate.